Includes Thu night’s Pre Party, and 3 nights’ shows and parties / socials

TILL 28 FEB 2017TILL 31 MAY 2017FROM 1 JUN 2017
SGD 190.00SGD 220.00SGD 230.00

The purchase of any Singapore Latin Extravaganza Passes listed above (‘Event Pass’) constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined below:

All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars.

Terms and conditions apply.


1. Only Event Pass tickets purchased through the official organizer SG Latin Extravaganza Pte Ltd are considered valid.

2. The Event Pass provides the holder with admission to the Singapore Latin Extravaganza event as described specifically to the Event Pass purchased.

3. Due to the discounted rates being offered, all tickets purchased are strictly not refundable upon purchase and non-transferable upon start of the Singapore Latin Extravaganza event. Transfers are valid only upon notification by holder to the Organizer and receipt of confirmation from the Organizer at least 48 hours before the start of the the Singapore Latin Extravaganza event.

4. The Organizers reserve the right to change times, dates and locations of the Singapore Latin Extravaganza event / workshops / parties with prior notification to holders. In such an event, Event Passes are valid as they are and no refund shall be entertained.

5. In the event that the Singapore Latin Extravaganza event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control, the Organizer shall refund the purchase price of the Event Pass in full and without liability for further compensation.

6. These terms and conditions constitute the full agreement between the holders and the Organizers.