Mistura Movement is a Kizomba dance concept based in the Netherlands and lead by Selwin and Suleika, one of Holland’s top Kizomba couples today.

Selwin started dancing with Salsa & Bachata. A few years he saw kizomba on the dancefloor and immediately fell in love with it.

Suleika dived into the dancing world when she was just 6 years old. She started with dancing street dance and later on hip hop styles. After finishing the high school, she entered the Dance Academy and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. There she focused on ballet, jazz and modern dance styles and also started teaching Hip Hop, Jazz and modern dance to grown-ups and children.

She saw a video of Kizomba on the Internet and became curious about this dance style. When she saw Selwin dancing Kizomba at a social party, she totally fell in love with the dance and started doing her research and training with Selwin. Since then Selwin and Suleika, known as Mistura Movement are dancing, performing and teaching Kizomba together as a couple at international dance events.

The mission of Mistura Movement is to spread their passion for dance and, to let people express themselves and enjoy life with each other through dance and music.

Their classes have a fun and social atmosphere, with a lot of new figures, combinations, shines and laughter, at the same time, paying special attention to their students’ dancing technique. They have a lot to share about partnering technique, leading, following, and musicality; with the goal of improving a student personally as a dancer.