Only Event Passes purchased through the official organizer, Singapore Latin Extravaganza LLP (‘the Organizer’) – are considered valid. All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars.

One Farrer Hotel and Spa is the Official Venue Partner (‘Event Site’).

The purchase of any Singapore Latin Extravaganza (“SLE”) Passes listed in the Passes page on the SLE Web site (‘Event Pass’) constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions, and any other rules and regulations issued by the Organizer outlined below:

1. The Event Pass provides the holder with admission to the SLE event as described specifically to the Event Pass purchased.
– SLE Full Event, Performer and Tertiary Passes include all workshops and 3 parties.

2. All Event Passes purchased are strictly not refundable upon purchase and non-transferable upon start of the SLE event. Transfers are valid only upon notification by holder to the Organizer and receipt of confirmation from the Organizer at least 48 hours before the start of the the SLE event.

3. The Organizer reserve the right to change times, dates and locations of the SLE event / workshops / parties with prior notification to holders. In such an event, Event Passes are valid as they are and no refund shall be entertained.

4. In the event that the SLE event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control, the Organizer shall refund the purchase price of the Event Pass in full and without liability for further compensation.

5. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce discounts, price changes, artiste and performance alterations without prior notification.

6. These terms and conditions constitute the full agreement between the holders and the Organizer.


SLE is an all-weather event. SLE will take place rain, hail or shine. Event Passes purchased are for the SLE event, not for specific artists or acts. The Organizer reserves the right to change, add, withdraw or substitute artists in the SLE event line-up, vary the advertised program and deny admission to the Event Site (including admission to a particular performance at the Event Site) with reasonable cause. No refunds or other compensation will be given if an advertised Artist or act doesn’t perform or an Artist or act is changed, cancelled or length or content of the performance is changed.

Subject to this clause, except where required by law, the Organizer is not liable for any loss, damage or compensation as a result of the Event being cancelled, postponed, relocated or changed for any reason.

There will be no refund of any unused portion of an Event Pass if you or your invitees are asked or forced to leave the Event for any of the reasons set out in the Event T+Cs or if you decide not to attend the Event.

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons.


The services provided by the Organizer will be rendered with due care and skill to the extent required by law. Apart from such statutory liability, the Organizer and the owner and/or lessee of the Event Site will not be liable or responsible for any injury, damage or loss suffered or incurred by you or any person entering or when you enter or are on the Event Site whether caused by the negligence of the Organizer or that of the owner and/or lessee of the Event Site (or their respective employees, contractors or agents), whether arising in tort, contract, bailment or otherwise – all such injury loss or damage to person or property is at your own risk.


You agree to indemnify the Organizer and owner and/or lessee of the Event Site against any loss or damage the Organizer and/or Event Site owner and/or lessee may suffer arising out of your negligence or breach of the Event T&Cs.


To the full extent permitted by law, you waive all legal rights of action against and fully release the Organizer and owner or lessee of the Event Site (and their respective executive members, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, contractors or agents) from any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury, death, economic loss or consequential loss for any default, failure or negligence (to the extent permitted by law) in relation to entry to and presence on the Event Site.

Performances, including social dancing may be filmed for commercial, marketing or educational purposes. By accepting these conditions, Event Pass holders consent to the recording and filming of themselves as members of the audience and as social dancers.


Entry to the Event Site is at your own risk. Without limiting the generality of this:
– appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn at all times at the Event Site;
– ear plugs should be worn if necessary.
To the extent permitted by law, the Organizer takes no responsibility for any hearing damage or loss caused by excessive noise or injury caused by your failure to follow the Organizer’s directives. In the event of injury or illness, the Organizer may, at your cost, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed essential for your safety.


Any provision of these Event T&Cs which is or becomes unenforceable shall not invalidate the other provisions of these Event T&Cs.