Zerjon_Nina_Bootcamp_SGF_6142We are pleased to present the Zerjon and Nina Choreography Bootcamp in 2017.

The bootcamp will be an awesome, intensive experience from Wednesday till Sunday! The Bootcamp price includes at least 10 hours of workshops and rehearsals, stage appearance at Sunday night’s show. Purchase of a SLE 2017 full event pass is required.

This is an exclusive opportunity to test your boundaries and expand your knowledge of dance in an amazing fusion of multiple dance styles. Zerjon and Nina are arguably one of the most beloved artists in Asia now and they bring the most unique flavour of dance fusion in their choreographies. Their routines stand out for so many reasons … To name a few, originality, musicality, fusion of Salsa, Hip Hop, Tango and other street styles and the coolest, swaggiest personalities.

So many are inspired by their dance style as well as amazing teaching skills. Owners of Twisted Feet Academy in Sweden with thousands of students and millions of followers online, Zerjon and Nina are ready to rock the stage at SLE 2017.

For the first time, you get to learn from them and have a chance to be part of their bootcamp project on stage.

This bootcamp is sure to be sold out FAST and we have limited slots available, so be sure to register ASAP if you want to be part of this experience.


  • Solo applications are welcomed – you do not need to apply as couples.
  • All applicants are expected to have a reasonable level of dance as well as some experience performing on stage.
  • Purchase of SLE 2017 full event pass required.