Zerjon & Nina are part of one of the strongest dance companies in Scandinavia called Twisted Feet. They highly active in both the Salsa and Streetdance Scene, with their love for Salsa being as strong as their love for the Street-styles.

They have been touring the world with shows, competing and given workshops in countries such as China, India, Mexico, Japan, Russia, France, UK, Los Angels, New York, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and many more.

In 2012, Twisted Feet became the first dance company to direct and produce their own streetdance production in an Opera in Scandinavia. Twisted Feet are also currently touring with the Volvo Trucks release show in countries around Asia.

Zerjon & Nina have, with their Salsa Street Fusion 2011, won one of the biggest show competitions in the world called DANCE DELIGHT PARIS. Zerjon & Nina are rapidly making progress in becoming one of the most in demand couples in the Salsa scene.