Born in Paris France, Terry was raised in Guadeloupe. As a boy he first expressed his passion for dance, showing talent in many dance styles – from Hip Hop to Creole dance and beyond. It was not long that Terry, at age 19, discovered his love for Salsa. Impassioned by the dance, he was unstoppable in his practice and became the Salsa champion of Guadeloupe at the age of 23. After this success, he was invited to teach at Isis Figaro, one of the most prestigious dance schools in Paris. At this school, Terry met Cecile and they began to train together. They joined U Tribe, an internationally renowned dance crew and their incredible show has won the hearts of many viewers. After such a great success, Terry and Cecile opened their own school, Salsalianza in Paris in August 2007.

Cecile was born in France, a daughter of a Creole family, originating from Martinique. She took up dancing when she was a young girl and very soon, became a professional dancer, embracing her amazing talent from Classical Ballet to Hip-Hop, to modern Jazz. She is an experienced Salsa dancer of all the styles including Casino, Los-Angeles, New-York, and Colombian Salsa. Before meeting Terry at the school Isis Figaro, Cecile had taught there for a long time. Together with her partner, Cecile began to specialize in two Salsa styles, Casino and Los-Angeles. Terry and Cecile’s shows still embrace their diverse dance backgrounds and knowledge, combined with an creative and artistic style, which is loved and cherished all over the world.