Osbanis Tejeda (Cuba) and Anneta Kepka (Poland) are London-based internationally renowned artistes, teachers, choreographers and performers. Between them, they share the  World and UK Champion titles.

Osbanis and Anneta’s fresh and unique dance style perfectly characterizes the fusion of Cuban dance. With Osbanis’ rich knowledge and background as a well-respected Cuban musician, their focus is on the importance of musical interpretation, in addition to incorporating Rumba and Afro-Cuban movement to Casino.

Osbanis and Anneta teach and perform all around the world, featuring in 5 continents and over 30 countries, as well as at their ever-popular regular classes in London, with the aim to share their love of Cuban dance and to inspire dancers to always dance from the heart.

Their infectiously passionate personalities and warm hearts make every class with them enjoyable, meaningful, very inspiring and will definitely leave you hungry for more! Their personalities perfectly complement each other and this is evident on the dancefloor.

Their flawless performances are full of excitement and enthusiasm for both the music and the dance, and are certainly not to be missed!