ERSIN ALTAS was born in 1987 in Canakkale. He moved to Gonen / Balikesir with his family at the age of 7, and finished his elementary and high school there. He entered Izmir Maltepe Military High School and continued his school life there. After graduating from military high school in 2005, he was accepted to the Airforce Military School. In 2008 he started Okan University and graduated as a Computer Engineer. He took short term Salsa classes during university. After graduation, he decided to continue his dance life in Depo Dance Cafe. Along with his full time computer engineering job, he carried his dance life from a hobby to a professional level in 2010.
HANDE ATALAY was born in 1986 in Bodrum, and moved to Istanbul with her family after finishing elementary school. She continued her school life in Istanbul and graduated from the Istanbul Technical University Food Engineering Department. She took her first Salsa classes at the university dance club. After the opening of Depo Dance Cafe, she decided to continue her dance life there. In 2009, her dance life changed from a hobby to that of a professional level.

In 2010, Hande and Ersin decided to become dance partners, and started performing at festivals and attending competitions around the world. They have conducted workshops and at the same time, taken classes from other world famous artistes. In 2011, they won the Rising Star competition at the Berlin Salsa Congress and since then, they have been invited to perform at many famous dance festivals. In 2013, they competed at the World Latin Dance Cup and placed 6th in the On2 division.